Waste Management System

Environmentally important, economically effective: waste collection systems

Environmental contamination is a topic that can no longer be viewed as a regional or national issue today. The spread of emissions via air, ground and water, the interlinking of animal feed and food cycles mean that the environmentally friendly management of waste is in the interest of the common good - worldwide.

Where does waste end up today?

The aim of the first step is to create a functional waste disposal system by collecting the waste in hygenic containers and not thoughtlessly leaving it lying around. What seems to us to be self-evident, is however, in many parts of the world, a process which is difficult and still in its infancy.

The next step is to establish the separate collection of waste and recyclable materials, sorted by type in different containers, which are then emptied into the correct vehicles, transported off-site and inserted into the recycling system. Separate collection and efficient recycling of the usable materials means that supply and disposal bottlenecks can be reduced.