Street Lights

Ceyone solar street lighting systems are designed to operate as one integrated system. This system includes the power generation, storage and management (solar panels, battery & controller) as well as the light itself, support frame & weatherproof housing. The fully integrated system incorporate the latest and most innovative technologies like PWM(Pulse width modulation) and three stage battery charging to enhance the better battery life, providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting. Ceyone Solar has a wide range of Solar Street lights which includes CFL and LED lamps for different lighting requirements.

The solar energy is converted to electrical energy by the SPV module and stored in a sealed maintenance-free (SMF) battery. During charging, green light on charge controller will be continuously ON. After battery is full charged, green light will blink. At night, when solar panel voltage drops, luminary will be automatically switched ON & in the morning, when solar panel voltage increases, luminary will be automatically switched OFF. Therefore, it is ideal for remote/ inaccessible areas. It can be used at roads, streets, railway gates, parks, boundary walls, hotels, hospitals, etc.

  • Features
  • 1. Automatic dusk to dawn / Timer operation
  • 2. Highly efficient PWM charge controller and inverter
  • 3. Three step charging algorithm
  • 4. Temperature compensated battery set points
  • 5. Weather proof luminaries
  • 6. Adequate protections and indications
  • 7. Drinking water
  • 8. UV stabilized bowl and canopy
  • 9. Anodized aluminium reflector
  • Advantages
  • 1. Rural street light Applications
  • 2. Path Lighting
  • 3. Holiday Resorts
  • 4. Railway and Shipyard Lighting
  • 5. Township
  • 6. Campus Lighting
  • 7. Farm House Lighting