Hydel Power Generation

Power system mainly contains three parts namely generation, transmission and distribution. Generation means how to generate electricity from the available source and there are various methods to generate electricity but in this article we only focused on generation of electricity by the means of hydel or water (hydel power plant). A generating station which utilizes the potential energy of water at a high level for the generation of electrical energy is known as hydel-electric power station. As we know that the power plant is defined as the place where power is generated from a given source, so here the source is hydel that’s why we called it hydel power plant.

In hydel power plant we use gravitational force of fluid water to run the turbine which is coupled with electric generator to produce electricity. This power plant plays an important role to protect our fossil fuel which is limited, because the generated electricity in hydel power station is the use of water which is renewable source of energy and available in lots of amount without any cost.

The big advantage of hydel power is the water which the main stuff to produce electricity in hydel power plant is free, it not contain any type of pollution and after generated electricity the price of electricity is average not too much high.