Scope of Services of services we offer:

Client Consultation – (CES) would begin the process with an extensive client consultation which establishes project scope, objectives and priorities, roles and responsibilities, project time line, deliverables, and communication and feedback mechanisms.

Energy Study and Analysis – (CES) will perform an energy analysis of the prospective site and existing plant if any. (CES) will use a combination of resources that possess the skill levels and manpower required to perform a high quality energy efficiency analysis on a reasonable schedule. The energy study and analysis will include a breakout of all energy conservation measures (ECM) identified and estimated costs, energy and operational savings, and life-cycle cost benefits.

Calculation and Verification of Energy Savings – (CES)will perform detailed calculations of projected energy savings based on the proposed installation of each energy conservation measures (ECM).

Engineering and Design – Based on the energy study and analysis data. (CES) will begin the detailed engineering for each energy conservation measures (ECM) that has been approved by the municipality. During the detailed engineering phase (CES) will be responsible for the preparation of design engineering specifications.(CES) will prepare specifications and solicit proposals for each energy conservation measures (ECM) selected for implementation.

Project Management – (CES) will provide Project Management of contractors and subcontractors during the project implementation phases; (CES) will supply project management services for each project to ensure that projects are installed within budget (Preparation of project time, cost and financing schedules, including significant interim milestones), on time and in strict accordance with the specifications. (Preparation of progress reports during the implementation of any energy conservation measures, renewable energy systems, or green power purchases).

Our Solar Initiative covers the complete range of Engineering Procurement Construction services from Energy Supply Studies, Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies, Site Evaluation Studies, System Optimization and Annual Operations & Maintenance Services for Solar Power Plants & Installations.

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