Village Home Lighting System

What’s in CEYONE DC Home Lighting System?

There are two types of systems that were installed in village: 18 watts and 37 watts. Both systems have these in common:

7 watt and 3 watt LED lamps
One solar panel
Solar battery
Solar control unit

The difference lies in the number of LED lamps available and the power of the solar battery.

While the beneficiary gets two LED lamps as part of the 18-watt system (one 3-watt lamp and one 7-watt lamp), the 37-watt system comes with four lamps (two 3-watt lamps and two 7-watt lamps).

While the Ceyone home lighting system offers uninterrupted electricity during the day, being powered by the sunlight, it has a backup of up to 7 – 8 hours.

Post 6 pm, if one switches on one lamp, the system will continue to generate electricity the whole night. However, if one switches on both the lamps, the backup will last till midnight or so.

How Does DC Home Lighting System Work?

Solar Panels generate DC electricity which goes through solar control unit to power DC LED lamps during the day and excess DC power is stored in battery.

In the evening/night the solar power stored in batteries power LED Lamps. The biggest advantage of DC home lighting system is that there is no conversion of DC to AC – no loss of energy – because the LED lamps can run directly on DC unlike ordinary lamps.